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Only smart people know the answer to this.

Posted: 06/18/2033 @ 01:51 AM
Only smart people know the answer to this.
Posted: 06/18/2033 @ 01:51 AM
"I might cause some pleading,I might cause some bleeding;Hit me with a hammer,And out I come speeding.What am I?"
Do you think you can solve this Riddle?
Only smart people know the answer to this.

Posted: 06/18/2033 @ 01:51 AM
Only smart people know the answer to this.
Posted: 06/18/2033 @ 01:51 AM
... Answer to this Riddle

"A bullet"

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Something to train your mind with.
Posted: 06/18/2033 @ 01:25 AM
You can call me but I don't have a phone;I might be in your apartment, probably not in your home;I go through the ceiling; I go through the floor;I don't have a handle, but I do have a door.What am I?
Does your brain like a little challenge?
Posted: 06/18/2033 @ 12:52 AM
I can be a coat, but only when I'm wet;People sometimes would like to watch me do what I do,Rather than doing what you suggest.What am I?
Do you think your brain will solve this?
Posted: 06/18/2033 @ 12:19 AM
I'm easy to look at but impossible to see;An eight?s an eight,A three?s an E,And an E?s a three to me.What am I?
Make your memory work harder.
Posted: 06/17/2033 @ 11:46 PM
Right-side-up I am who I am,Upside-down sometimes I stay the same;I move up and down slightly,And I'm scissor-ed quite nicely,Plus I'm short for a twice-as-long name.What am I?
Can you find the solution to this puzzle?
Posted: 06/17/2033 @ 11:15 PM
Brothers and sisters I have seven,But really I used to have eight;I'm the biggest and they stare from way over there,But they?re shocked when they find out my weight.What am I?
A difficult question to answer.
Posted: 06/17/2033 @ 10:45 PM
I start out surrounded by rock;They find me, they free me, and then they between me;Between wood with some rubber on top.What am I?
For the clever puzzle solvers among you ...
Posted: 06/17/2033 @ 10:20 PM
I come in an unreal can;Misspell my name and I'll blow a flame;I taste good when faked, I dangle in lakes;And with a book I become a man.What am I?
Can you find the answer to this riddle?
Posted: 06/17/2033 @ 09:54 PM
I'm the beginning of every instant;I'm the end of a quick hello;When I'm alone, I stand tall on my own;I come in at nine, and at fifty-three too;You need me, you bleed me, so what is I really?What am I?
Is your IQ still up to par?
Posted: 06/17/2033 @ 09:28 PM
You always have me with you,You always leave me behind;But if you go and break the rules,Then with some tools, someone else may try to find.What am I?
Are you ready for a brain challenge?
Posted: 06/17/2033 @ 08:51 PM
I help to make you comfortable, I must work while you're awake;But when you're asleep I do my job and don't take a single break.I'm partly a guard, I'm partly a case;I'm not hard to move but I'm always in the exact same place.What am I?
Barely half can fix it, right?
Posted: 06/17/2033 @ 08:17 PM
I can take you to the nines, and to thirteen too;I can love, shine, beat, dig,And go with or into shoes.What am I?
Something to train your brain with.
Posted: 06/17/2033 @ 07:41 PM
When active I'm always running never walking. I'm always thirsty and I can be very noisy, although I'm never talking. What am I?
Something to activate your thoughts!
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 05:33 PM
Without what would everyone lose their head?
Are you ready for some brain training?
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 05:06 PM
You seek it out, When your hunger's ripe. It sits on four legs, And smokes a pipe. What is it?
Is your IQ still up to par?
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 04:34 PM
You have to travel far before you turn it over. What is it?
A difficult question to answer.
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 04:05 PM
You have it even if there is none. What is it?
Something to train your brain with.
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 03:36 PM
You fill it and it empties, a metaphor for plenty. Depending on what half you see, It's either full or empty. What is it?
Are you a clever puzzle enthusiast who solves this problem?
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 03:09 PM
You deal with them and they deal chance, They show you your future at a glance. You play them and they play you back, and win or lose, they go back in their pack. What are they?
Is your brain still functioning as it should?
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 02:33 PM
You can break it or drink water from it. What is it?
Really smart people should know the answer!
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 01:56 PM
You are having a bad day if 12 peers deem you to be this. What are you?
A riddle to train your brain with.
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 01:27 PM
When we stand up it lies flat. When we lie back it stands up. What are we?
Just to reactivate the brain!
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 01:04 PM
When one does not know what it is, then it is something. But when one knows what it is, then it is nothing. What is this? ,-)
Are you ready to solve the puzzles?
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 12:37 PM
When life gives you these, make a refreshing beverage. What are they?
Is your IQ still up to par?
Posted: 05/31/2026 @ 12:08 PM
When it shines, its light is hazy. Makes the oceans swell like crazy. It makes moods seem more romantic, But it makes the ladies frantic. What is it?